Personal Statement写作技巧 如何在留学文书中展示你的优势













  • 突出论点:您应该明确论述您的优势,并通过具体的例子来支持您的论点。您的优势应该与您所申请的课程或专业相关,并与您的未来职业发展计划相符合。
  • 避免虚夸:在展示自己的优势时,避免使用过于夸张或虚假的语言,以免产生负面印象。您应该诚实地描述自己的优势,同时用具体的例子来证明您的论点。
  • 关注适应性:在展示自己的优势时,您应该强调自己的适应性和可塑性。您应该强调您的能力,适应新的学习和生活环境,并通过具体的例子来证明您已经有了这方面的经验。


Example 1: Emphasizing Leadership Skills

“I demonstrated leadership skills early on in high school. I was the student council president and organized multiple volunteer and social events, helping my classmates have a better social and learning experience. I also organized an environmental protection project in the community and successfully worked with the local government to increase environmental funding. These experiences taught me the importance of leadership and how to apply it in real-life situations. In the future, I hope to enter the management or consulting field and become a leader who can help businesses or communities develop.”

In this example, the applicant emphasizes their leadership skills and uses specific examples to support their argument. This not only showcases their leadership abilities but also demonstrates how their future career goals are related to their strengths.

Example 2: Highlighting Cross-Cultural Experience

“I grew up in a diverse family with parents from different cultural backgrounds and languages. This experience made me a person with cross-cultural awareness and communication skills, and I can adapt to different cultural environments. During my college years, I participated in an exchange program and studied in Australia for one year. This experience gave me a deeper understanding of different cultures and education systems and honed my English speaking and writing abilities. These experiences have made me a person with a global vision and cross-cultural awareness, providing me with a solid foundation for my future studies and career development.”

In this example, the applicant highlights their cross-cultural experience and uses specific examples to show their cross-cultural awareness and communication skills. This not only showcases their strengths but also demonstrates their ability to adapt to new cultural environments and learn quickly.


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